Supercross Envy V5 24 Pro Fire Org Evv-P24-Orn

  • All new 7005 T4/T6 Ultra Light Taper Wall Top Tube and Down Tube
  • Wider Downtube at BB shell for faster starts
  • New Tapered 1 1/8" - 1.5" Headtube ( Tapered Headtube is on PRO size and Larger Only ) Expert XL and Smaller use std. Campy Integrated Headtube 
  • New Larger Downtube to support the larger Headtube.
  • New Bulge Butted Seatmast to further enhance Bottom Bracket Stiffness
  • Tubing is now more dent resistant
  • All new v5 Graphics

Price: 485.99